Stripping of the false self

You know God is on your case when you don’t know who you are anymore. We spend a lot of our time , money, energy everything actually, …carefully trying to build a persona which we think is us. The vacuum inside drives us on to put on all kinds of different identities. We are our own television series…or our own fashion parade.

Hey Christian! I am talking to us.

Sure–those without Christ have no clue to who they are yet….but what about you?

What happens when all the Christian stuff does not come through for you?

Why have all the doors shut? Why does Church not cut it for you anymore?

This is what God does deliberately to us.

No ministry. Not even any Christian friends. No group to find your surface identity in while inside you have no clue who you are.

Many are desperately trying to find out from God what they are meant to be doing in life for Him.

The truth is you must first learn that you can do nothing for Him. Not just mentally learn–but really learn.

Take Jesus for instance.

For 30 years Jesus son of Mary and step son of Joseph saw many people get sick and die. Many people He loved and cared for got sick and died. Think about it.

John tells us that Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine.

Therefore for 30 years he watched as people got sick and died.

He learned that : Of Himself He could do NOTHING!! Not just mentally learned it–but through much sorrow and suffering.

Life is not a show. Life is not what we do. Life is God. God is Life. To partake of His Life means you know that you have no life of your own separate from Him.

Doing ministry is not an activity we do. We are the ministry. We are the ministry only as much as we walk in union with Jesus. We walk in union with Jesus by faith alone-believing we are in union with Him without us doing a single thing. Without any proof that we are in union with Him.

If you want to soak…soak in this. God will ensure you do soak in nothingness. He will ensure you learn by experience that all the things you do for God you cannot do anymore. He will do that until He knows that you know.

When the Adversary comes to your door and takes you up to the pinnacle of Christian ministry promising to give you a big name and a big ministry will you reach for it and take it? You better realise right now that Satan is allowed to do such things.

I never knew you depart from Me is what many big stars will hear if they ever come down low enough to hear Jesus.

Let’s allow Jesus to be our only Life, while not seeking to make our own life for Him.

The false self we are crafting –one that looks Christian–must be stripped away.

To know Father and Jesus whom He sent to live in you is the Life of the Age to come.

You cannot know Him when you are trying to build a self separate from Jesus…one that wants to be used by God. God has NO DESIRE to “use” anyone other than Jesus.

God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

Now Jesus is in you-reconciling the world to God.

He does this all the time whether you know it or not…whether you are trying to reconcile people or not. While you are being a normal weak, everyday person–Jesus in you, living as you, is drawing all people to Himself.

Christian activities are mostly show and pretense.

Just be yourself—the mess that you are! Yet,  as you–you are He to a lost generation. Lose religion and put on Jesus.

How do you do that?

By faith.

Speak and declare to yourself that you are as He is, just the way you are right now.

You are one spirit with Him.

You are righteous and holy and blameless right now.