Celiac opened the door

We needed bread and milk and I had an hour before needing to go to work. Once at the Wool Worths supermarket I saw the Fruit and Veg manager near the turnstiles. About 10 years ago I used to attend the church he goes to. Occasionally he would preach and it was always anointed. Then he left our town to be associate pastor in a big church in the city.

Last time I spoke with him – a fews ago before Christmas- he told me his wife was ill and they did not know the cause. So I asked him this morning- “Hi N________ , How is your wife?”

I could not remember her name!

He told me she is still sick and they still don’t know what it is after many tests. As I was myself experiencing slight oppression  from harbouring a prize fugitive from the enemy’s kingdom I asked him if he still preached at all and reminded him that those called to preach get attacked in the spirit realm.

“Nah I don’t do that anymore.” he said.

I said “But you are a good preacher and it used to be very anointed by God back then. Didn’t you go to that big church …?”(10 years ago)

“Yes I did, but I stuffed it all up!”

So I left him there filling the vegetable stand with fresh produce and went to get my shopping.

On a whim I thought I’d also buy some paracetamol after filling my basket with milk and bread and eggs.

In the medicine aisle I waited behind an older lady as she reached for some Zyrtec(hayfever meds). I said “They sure do charge like a wounded bull for that stuff don’t they?”

Well that was her opening! She was totally a stranger to me…but she began to tell me of the suffering she has endured since childhood all because of Celiac disease and how her granddaughter has been showing signs of it and how her two older sisters(in their 70’s) have it and how their mother now deceased had it!

She said a few times that she does not want her grand daughter to suffer like she has…and how her 42 year old son came home all red skinned and swollen from eating the wrong things at the restaurant with friends at New Year.

Meanwhile I was listening and my spirit was burning hotter and hotter in me.

I don’t go to any church , not for 7 years. But I am close with God. And His compassion began to overwhelm me. I ended her story by saying…

Jesus sent me to India and to Uganda where He used me to heal many people of their sicknesses and He wants to heal you, I would like to pray for you and your family.

She went…”Oh?! Really? Now??”

I said “Yes hear now”.

So in aisle 7 of the supermarket with my hand on her shoulder I rebuked the sickness in the generations and prayed God’s healing virtue all over her and her family.

We were both moved by the Holy Spirit and tears flowed with thanks as God touched both of us. I realised as I was praying that God in His mercy had perhaps only given her someone(me) to listen to her sad story. Nevertheless in my experience bringing it all to God in faith and prayer  with laying on of hands is a powerful witness and I truly believe God touched that woman today.

The funny thing was that after I prayed she said–“And my name is Erica.” for I had only called her “this dear woman” in prayer.

It was later that I realised that Erica is also the name of the sick wife of the Fruit and Veg brother.

She needs healing and I could not remember her name…

God led me to pray healing for another sick Erica 50 meters away.

He sure does move in mysterious ways.

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