How God leads

It happened on Christmas day 2017.  My daughter wanted to make pancakes for breakfast and we had not bought any eggs before the Christmas break. I went out in the car to see if anything was open. The only place open was the local petrol(gas)station, I looked but they did not have eggs.

As I returned to my car I noticed a police van driving off with it’s blue lights flashing. There on the carpark gutter was a young woman alone next to a car with no rego plates. Spontaneously I called out “Are you going to be okay?”

She stayed at our home for Christmas and is still here. I took her to her city to get her children–5 of them all under 11. Now there are 10 of us in our rented house. She has come to Jesus and wants to escape the drug lifestyle of her family and the darkness of her culture which is Indigenous Australian.

We have had much warfare since bringing them here. The evil one wants her back, but we know in God that He wants to use her to reach her people still trapped in darkness. This is all happening despite me working up to 60 hours a week and my wife doing night shift at the hospital.

When I think back over how this all happened I wonder at the amazing God we have been seized by. Christ in us is the hope of Glory.

It is God who is in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

I heard no voice saying go up the street and find a stranded young mother crying out to Me, though she knows me not.

I heard no voice saying ask if she is alright.

It is —REALLY IS–God who is in you to will and to do for His good pleasure.

The Police sargeant told me to have nothing to do with these people saying they are “bad people.”…..I said “That is my choice isn’t it.” My boss said I am crazy. Another from the Aboriginal culture said he knows that family–and that I should stay right away from them. The sister herself told me that her family members are into black witchcraft and so on.

Great God! But He knows what he is doing.

God does what He does through His people  without them knowing what He is doing. So do not get worried if you are not “hearing God.” If you have the Holy Spirit then you are His and if you are His then He is working in you to will and to do for His good pleasure.


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