When the original script for the movie “The Patriot” written by Robert Rodat was first submitted it did NOT contain the line which Mel Gibson(at least his voice)says as he weighs a wicker rocking chair.

During the opening scenes as the credits are still rolling Gibson is in his work shed weighing a chair that he has made. With his back to the camera we hear his voice say in almost a whisper, ” 9 pounds 11 ounces, perfect perfect”.

The original script written in Oct 9th, 1998 didn’t have these words. Someone took the liberty to add this scene into the movie which came out in 2000.


The title of the movie “The Patriot” is one reason why 9/11 would be “perfect just perfect”.

Bringing down the iconic symbol of American prosperity on 9/11 paved the way for dictatorial legislation to be rammed through congress in the middle of the night….The Patriot Act was/is a huge document with well over 400 pages.

This so called Patriot Act was already written and waiting for the 9/11 event long before the infamous day arrived. Such an Act which takes away liberties of normal citizens if the Government deems it necessary needed to have such a shocking tragedy to occur or it would never be passed.

The Patriot movie is also a movie about patriots. The 9/11 event caused a new rise in patriotism which President GW. Bush encouraged and took advantage of to launch the “war on terror” against the enemies of “our way of life”.

9/11 was planned for many years and carried out with precision by agents of hatred and evil.

9/11 was perfect, just perfect indeed.

Here is what the script writer Robert Rodat wrote for the opening scene in his 1998 Draft….

Marion takes the piece of wood out of the lathe, carefully fits it into the chair, inserts a peg and taps it into place. Then he steps back and appraises his handiwork. He picks up the chair and hooks the top rail to a scale, countering with a three-pound weight. The chair floats. Marion blows softly on the weight which sinks. Susan nods, so far, so good. Marion puts the chair on the floor and walks slowly around it, checking every angle. Then, the acid test. He takes a deep breath and lowers himself onto the seat, gingerly adding an ounce at a time. Not a creak. He smiles and sits back with a sigh. CRACK! THE CHAIR SPLINTERS under Marion’s weight, DUMPING HIM on his ass on a pile of broken wood. MARION Damnation! He picks up some of the wood, about to fling it across the room but stops as Susan shoots him a disapproving look. He calms himself.

3 pounds is a lot different than 9 pound 11 ounces!